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What’s stopping you stepping up to become an author?

If you’re a professional

who would like to become a published author, this is the book for you. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to equip you for the journey to authorship.

You’re an expert

in your own field and now you want to share and show your expertise by writing a book; but publishing is a whole new ball game. You’ll need some help to ensure you don’t lose your authority when you become an author.

In this book

long-time writer and business expert Gwyneth Box draws on her experience in the world of publishing to help contextualise your book project, while the practical advice and guidance simplifies the writing process.

Plan your book

taking advantage of your existing materials and resources. Give a new spin to familiar topics by clear organisation and personal insight. Turn your dream of authorship into a reality.


Designed in a workbook style, the paperback version of From Authority to Authorship offers plenty of space for your notes, alongside all the practical advice you’ll need to jump start your book project.


The From Authority to Authorship ebook (Epub2, Mobi) is practical and easy to use and includes the full content of professional guidance, tips and advice for all stages of the writing process.

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Tips, guidance and adviceWhat you'll find inside the book
1.1 Keeping it professional
Authority and authorship: warnings and reminders
1.2 The world of Publishing
Traditional, indie and assisted publishing models
1.3 Book Proposal
Clarifying your ideas through the Book Proposal Document
2.1 Sourcing & repurposing
Making the most of your existing content
2.2 Planning the journey
The T.O.C. as a map for you and your reader
2.3 Credits & copyright
Joint authoring; rights and plagiarism issues
3.1 The importance of balance
Structure, length and style
3.2 Fact or fiction?
What is truth? Creative non-fiction
3.3 Worth 1,000 words
Images, graphics and visuals
4.1 Your role as an author
Pioneer, Guide or Fellow traveller? Voice and address
4.2 Keeping on track
Progress review
4.3 Editing and correction
Types of editor and their roles
5.1 The bigger picture
Related and spin-off projects
5.2 Your author brand
Establishing and consolidating cross-platform coherence
5.3 Book marketing
Pre-launch plans and actions
6.1 Book formats
Digital and print options
6.2 Back & front matter
Reviews, testimonials, blurbs and back ads
6.3 Seize the moment
Adding topical spin
6.4 Moving forward
The book’s life begins
Asking for opinions
Creating a style guide
Writing time
Proofing tips

The ebook’s great… love the format, easy to scroll, easy to glean key hints and tips...

K.M. First-time author

Organised, straightforward and super-clear at the planning stage, with plenty of “meat” for the later stages.

Mercedes Gaunt Kobo review

The helping hand you need as you write your first book. I have been on the journey to co-author my first book in conjunction with a friend while juggling the everyday demands of work, family and life. Sometimes the juggling has meant that we've fallen behind and had to re-group and press on, finding our own way. Gwyneth's book, coupled with her mentoring support have made all the difference to us getting this book over the line. The hints and tips are practical, logical and insightful.

A.G. Co-author
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